Sheltering Arms Webcams in the News

stephanie-h1n1webcamsBe sure to tune your TV to the local news tonight, to hear all about Sheltering Arms’ new webcam initiative.  The webcams were purchased and set up to be used by residents of Sheltering Arms’ inpatient facilities at Memorial Regional Medical Center and St. Francis Medical Center whose loved ones are unable to visit with them due to new restrictions.  The visitation rules, which went into effect today at all area hospitals and are designed to stem the spread of the H1N1 virus, restrict visitors from entering patient areas if they are under 18 years old or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms. These restrictions are expected to continue until spring, 2010.

The new webcams allow patients all important contact with their loved ones, even if those loved ones are unable to actually visit face-to-face.  TV stations WTVR-6 and WRIC-8, as well as the Richmond Times-Dispatch, sent journalists to Memorial Regional today for stories on the webcams.  Be sure to tune in your TV tonight at 6pm and 11pm, or set your DVRs!  Also, check out the Richmond Times-Dispatch tomorrow for the story!

Pictured: Sheltering Arms Director of Public Relations Stephanie Sulmer is interviewed by the media today about the organization’s new webcam initiative.


One response to “Sheltering Arms Webcams in the News

  1. What a clever idea! Set my DVR – anxious to hear how the web cam idea will work.

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