Finding the Power to Overcome – Ron Duck’s Story

ron-duckWhen Ron Duck offered to help one of his employees on July 27, 2006, he had no idea it would change his life forever. An accident on the loading dock resulted in a spinal cord injury, leaving him unable to speak and with limited movement.

“I couldn’t even scratch my nose,” he recalls.

Ron spent nearly six months in hospitals, where he gained medical stability and began the rehabilitation process. He came to Sheltering Arms for outpatient physical and occupational therapy, and to this day he is an active fitness and Club Rec member at our Midtown location.

He has developed a special bond with fitness specialist, Carmelo Vazquez, who pushes him a little farther each time they work together.

“He and I understand each other. He shows genuine concern and has given me the confidence to come as far as I have,” says Duck. “When I first starting coming to Sheltering Arms, I didn’t even have enough strength and control to close the door. Now, I can close it and lock the deadbolt. I’m not so dependent anymore and that’s a great feeling.”

Ron and his wife have found a second family at Sheltering Arms, helping them to do many things they didn’t realize were possible, such as making wreaths, painting and even traveling.

“Being among the folks here, you realize it’s okay to be where you are. We’ve all lost something, but Sheltering Arms gives us the courage to get it back,” he adds with a smile.

To learn more about the Sheltering Arms Club Rec program and/or fitness center, call (804) 764-5275.


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