Sheltering Arms and Lucy Corr Village Team Up to Provide Top-Notch Health Care in Richmond

After extending a public request for proposal, Lucy Corr Village, a highly regarded skilled nursing facility in Chesterfield County, has selected Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers as the provider of its therapy services.

These two dynamic and growing Richmond icons share a genuine commitment to the community. Both are non-profit health care organizations started by women who wanted to ensure that members of their communities were able to receive the care they needed and deserved, regardless of their ability to pay. This continues to be a core component of their missions today.

As Sheltering Arms and Lucy Corr bring their strengths together with this multi-year contractual relationship, residents throughout Central Virginia will benefit from top-notch long-term care. While Lucy Corr Village provides superior skilled nursing expertise, Sheltering Arms offers knowledge of contemporary therapy techniques, ongoing training of licensed therapists, and an emphasis on exceptional clinical outcomes.

“I know that Lucy Corr Village received several proposals, and I am very proud and that Sheltering Arms is their selected provider,” says James E. Sok, Sheltering Arms President and Chief Executive Officer. “This opportunity allows us to expand our continuum of services and make our research, technology and caring approach available to more patients.”

Partnerships such as this will become increasingly important as the baby boomer population ages and more people find themselves in need of comprehensive, quality rehabilitative care.


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