What is Occupational Therapy?

Henry SternWhen illness or injury strikes, goal number one is usually medical stability. Once this has occurred, the focus quickly shifts and you might be thinking things like:

  • I can’t take a shower or brush my teeth by myself.
  • I have to get back to work and support my family.
  • Who is going to clean the house?

Returning to activities you need and want to do is an important part of recovering and gaining independence. Occupational therapists (OTs) help in this process, focusing on activities of daily living, such as grooming, eating and homemaking. They also help with training and mastering the techniques of adaptive equipment needed for these skills.

OTs often specialize in specific areas. Hand therapists, for example, have advanced training in the intricate anatomy of the human hand to help people maximize function after injury or surgery. Other OTs specialize in low vision therapy, which focuses on optimizing the home environment and household/work tasks to make the best use of vision that is limited as a result of a stroke, diabetes, glaucoma, or other conditions. Still other OTs concentrate their practice in certain settings, such as acute care hospitals, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation settings, schools, or others.

Sheltering Arms thanks all of our hard-working occupational therapists for the difference they make for patients every day. Happy Occupational Therapy Month!


2 responses to “What is Occupational Therapy?

  1. What you see here is a collection of pure Magik!It has been two years sice my Stroke….Today,I look back at the fact that I will forever be in dept to the staff,O-G ,and the many time I felt like giving up!!!!They did not!………For all that Shelering Arms did for me….Angels are with us…..I should know….They are there with Sheltering Arms…My name is George Teal,Im here today bcause of them….I love you all…(right now Im going to walk my Dog Chopper,not sitting,but Living)…………God Bless…..God bless Shelering Arms.

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