Sheltering Arms Therapists Answer Your Questions

Power-to-your-health-logo-q-and-aDo you ever wish there was a quick and easy way to ask a therapist a question? Now there is! At, you can not only read the bank of questions that have already been answered by Sheltering Arms therapists (such as the following), but you can submit your own as well!

Here is an example:

I first sprained my ankle as a teenager and have sprained it many times since. I seem to sprain it so easily now and don’t understand why.

By Matt Wren, PT, MSPT at Sheltering Arms PT Works

When you sprain your ankle, the ligaments and soft tissue are stretched beyond their normal limits. This leads to pain, swelling and difficulty walking for several days. There is also injury to the joint proprioceptors. These proprioceptors send a message to your brain to tell you where your body is in space.

Your foot and ankle need to adjust to uneven surfaces, such as walking on gravel or a grassy, bumpy yard. When a joint is injured, the sense of position is altered, so your brain does not receive the appropriate message to avoid re-injury. This can lead to problems with balance and coordination, which can cause recurrent ankle sprains. Physical therapy can retrain the joint proprioceptors by using exercises and activities that challenge the balance and reaction time of the injured joint, thus strengthening your ankle and reducing the risk of recurring sprains.

Click the link above and ask your question today!


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