Sheltering Arms Welcomes Seasoned Sports Medicine Professional

Ivan Schwartz3Sheltering Arms is pleased to announce the addition of a well-known and successful sports medicine professional to our team. Mr. Ivan Schwartz has joined Sheltering Arms in the role of Administrative Director, Sports Medicine. 

Mr. Schwartz has a 30-year history of working with the sports community of Richmond and central Virginia.  He was engaged in sports journalism for many years, managed a company that represented professional athletes, and was instrumental in the development of sports medicine services for other large local health systems. His energetic, personable style is well known in the community and has been a significant factor in his success.

“For years, I have known many people associated with Sheltering Arms and have always been impressed by the passion that generates extraordinary outcomes for patients,” says Schwartz.

Dr. Timothy Silver, Chief Medical Officer at Sheltering Arms Hospital South adds, “I have worked with Ivan Schwartz on many sports projects over the past several years and welcome him to the team with open arms. With his high levels of enthusiasm, knowledge and determination, we will be able to expand our focused care of athletes within our community.”

Schwartz will be working closely with area physicians, coaches, athletes, parents and other leaders of the local sports community to help ensure that athletes receive quality care and thorough rehabilitation prior to returning to play. He will also communicate regularly with area physicians in coordinating seamless orthopedic rehabilitation services for a variety active patient populations, from student athletes to recreational sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors.

“Mr. Schwartz brings tremendous knowledge, both about the orthopedic needs of the Richmond community as well as how the highly qualified clinical team at Sheltering Arms can meet the demand and help patients return to their activities as safely and efficiently as possible,” notes James E. Sok, FACHE, President & CEO of Sheltering Arms. “I am thrilled to welcome him to the Sheltering Arms team and look forward to the important role he will play in helping more members of our active community find the power to overcome.”


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